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Continuing education and training for adults

It is important to continue to acquire skills and qualifications if you want to keep up with changes in your occupation and improve your chances on the job market.

Continuing education

Switzerland has a comprehensive system of continuing education with a large number of providers offering a wide range of education and training opportunities. These opportunities may or may not lead to a new job or to a diploma.

Adult education advisory services

Careers and education advisory services provide information on the range of education and training opportunities on offer, the conditions that apply to them and entrance requirements. They also provide information on different occupations and possible sources of funding.

Sitting vocational examinations retrospectively

It is possible to take vocational examinations and obtain a Federal VET qualification as an adult. The cantonal vocational training offices decide on exam applications and provide the necessary information.

Sitting the baccalaureate as an adult

If you want to study at a university or university of applied sciences, you can sit your baccalaureate or specialised baccalaureate examinations as an adult.

Basic skills training

Mastering basic skills training (reading, writing, numeracy or using new technologies) is an essential prerequisite for lifelong learning and for participation in social life. The campaign website ‘simply better’ (available in German, French and Italian) provides information about basic skills training options.

Professional education

Professional education offers professionals holding a federal VET diploma or an equivalent qualification the opportunity to specialise. Two options are available:

  • Federal examinations (advanced vocational and professional exams);
  • PET college diplomas (training courses at PET colleges).

Education at universities and universities of applied sciences

The courses offered by universities allow graduates to earn new qualifications, specialize in a subject or change career.

Continuing education at university

Continuing education at higher education institutions