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Making purchases – Is it possible to return a product if it is not suitable?

You like shopping online or in the shops, but what happens when you buy something that is not suitable for some reason?

Usually, except in the case of door-to-door selling, it is not possible to ask to exchange or get a refund for a product simply because it is not suitable. However, more and more retailers now allow customers to return or exchange goods within a certain time period. 

Return and refund of products bought in a shop

Before you purchase something in a shop, ask about the terms and conditions of sale. Each shop can set its own regulations. You can find this information in the terms and conditions of sale or get it from the sales staff. This will tell you, for example, if you can return a T-shirt which does not fit, and within what period of time.

If the shop allows you to return items, find out what the refund conditions are. Shops often give a sales voucher for the price of the returned item. If refunds are not given under the terms and conditions of sale, you will have to make do with a sales voucher. 

How long do gift tokens and other vouchers remain valid?

Return and refund of products bought online

Unlike EU law, Swiss law does not grant the right to cancel online purchases. It is, however, possible to withdraw from a sales contract depending on the online merchant’s terms and conditions of sale. It should also be noted that under Swiss law it is possible to obtain a domain name ending in .ch  even if the headquarters of the company concerned is not based in Switzerland. Websites ending in .ch are not necessarily associated with a company headquartered in Switzerland.

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