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Compulsory child seats in cars

Babies and children must be correctly secured in a child’s car seat designed for their age group.

Child seat or seat belt?

  • Children under 12 years must sit in a special child seat if they are under 150 cm tall.
  • Children over 150 cm tall and children over 12 years of age must wear a seat belt.

Acceptable child seats

Children must be secured in the correct child seat for their weight and age. The seat must bear the correct ECE security label.

Children in the front seat

In principle children are allowed to sit on the front passenger seat regardless of their age. If your car is equipped with airbags, rear-facing car seats may only be used if the front airbag on the passenger’s side is deactivated.

For detailed information on how to secure your child in the car go to the Federal Roads Office website.

Child safety in the car


The fine for transporting an unsecured child under the age of 12 is CHF 60.