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Checklist for everything you need to do in the event of a death in the family (part 2) – after the funeral

After the funeral, many arrangements still need to be made. Have a look at our checklist so that you don’t forget anything. For questions about what needs to be dealt with before the funeral, have a look at our checklist “Death - what to do before the funeral.”

For surviving spouses

Deciding what to do with marital property: before anyone receives an inheritance, the assets brought into the marriage or purchased during the marriage (furniture, property, money, securities) and any outstanding debts have to be divided between the spouses.


The procedure for distributing inheritances and the competent authorities vary depending on the deceased’s last place of residence. The authorities in the deceased's canton of residence will provide you with the necessary information about responsibilities and procedures.

Filing wills and contracts of succession, details on the inheritance process

Clearing out the home

  • Unless there are specific provisions in the will, divide the household property among the heirs.
  • Draw up an inventory of real estate, collections, jewellery and vehicles to see what property can be distributed.
  • Terminate the lease, clear out and clean the apartment. Descale the taps.

Clarify whether survivors are eligible for the following social and insurance benefit claims

  • Widows, widowers or orphans pension (AHV/IV),
  • Supplementary AHV/IV benefits and cantonal aid,
  • Welfare benefits,
  • Occupational pension for surviving dependents (BVG),
  • Insurance policy/ life insurance.


  • Remove personal documents from the deceased’s home and store them in a safe place,
  • Revoke powers of attorney at the bank,
  • Cancel or request settlement of any insurance policies (health insurance, household effects, accident and life insurance, etc.),
  • Inform the bank(s) and the post office, request account statements up to the date of death,
  • Contact the deceased’s employer to check if there is any right to further salary payments, death benefit or termination pay,
  • Cancel subscriptions and memberships of clubs and associations,
  • Complete a tax return up to the date of death,
  • Contact the pension fund office to cancel the AHV/IV insurance,
  • Notify the road traffic office.

You should be able to find the addresses of the various government offices in the records of the deceased. Include a copy of the death certificate, which you can obtain at the register office, in any correspondence.

What needs to be done about the deceased’s tax return

Contact the pension fund office to cancel the AHV/IV insurance

Road traffic office – what you need to do in the event of a death in the family