The Swiss authorities online

Jump to content – the Citizens’ portal is a rather different information service provided by the Swiss government. Questions that members of the public regularly ask the Swiss authorities are answered succinctly and correctly in five languages.

How do you start an initiative? What fine can I expect for speeding? Do I have to pay state pension contributions if I’m a student? People living in Switzerland and abroad often have questions for the Swiss authorities. The quickest way to find information these days is to search the internet. However, this will provide you with a bewildering number of results of variable quality. aims to provide high-quality and easy-to-find responses to common queries.

It seems to work well. Each year, more than a million people use Nevertheless, is relatively unknown to the public; but this does not really matter: the main thing is that the answers that gives to questions can easily be found in the results generated by search engines.

A glance back

The Swiss portal was set up in 2003. It is a joint venture between the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and communes. The Federal Chancellery is responsible for its content, structure and operation. on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube uses Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media to communicate with users that also use these services. However, all the information and services provided on are available outside social media.