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Changing health insurer - When and how?

Notice of the premiums 2020 has been given at the end of September 2019, after having been approved by the Federal Office of Public Health. Health insurance premiums vary depending on the insurer and where you live.

Premium calculator: compare premiums according to insurer and insurance model

Terminating a basic insurance policy

If you want to change your health insurer, this is usually done at the end of the year. Every autumn the Federal Office of Public Health approves the premiums for the coming year. Your health insurance company will write to you by the end of October and inform you of your new premium. You then have time to terminate your policy by no later than 30 November. NB: the health insurer must receive your letter by this date.

If you have a standard deductible of 300 francs, you can also terminate your policy at the end of June, giving at least three months’ notice.

Terminating a supplementary insurance policy

You can usually terminate a supplementary insurance policy at the end of September, but this differs from one health insurance company to another. You will need to contact your insurer for exact details of when you can terminate a policy. Supplementary insurance and basic insurance are independent of each other, so you can have a different insurer for each. This means, for example, that you can change your basic insurance provider but keep your supplementary insurance policy with your old company.

Sample letters for changing health insurer and terminating a supplementary insurance policy

Detailed information about changing your basic and supplementary insurance