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Car/driving licence – Moving house

If you are moving house, you are probably taking your car with you. You must change the address at which your vehicle and driving licence are registered at your canton’s road traffic office.

Moving within the same canton

You must change the address at which your driving licence is registered within 14 days. If you are staying in the same canton, you don’t need to change your number plates.

  • If you already have a driving licence in credit card format, you can inform your canton’s road traffic office by telephone or in writing.
  • If you still have the old type of licence you must apply for a new credit card format licence.

Moving to another canton

When you move to a new canton, you must register your licence and vehicle at the road traffic office of your new canton within 14 days. You will need:

  • Completed vehicle registration application form
  • Your current driving licence
  • New third party insurance certificate (from your insurance company).

In Switzerland number plates are associated with the name and address of the car owner and not the car itself. When you move, you must exchange your number plates for new ones at the road traffic office of your new canton. You can go in person to return/exchange your number plates on the spot. You can also send the necessary documents by post and exchange your number plates at the post office of your new place of residence.

Be aware that costs vary from canton to canton.

Drivers - changing the details on your driving licence

Vehicle owners - changing the details on your car registration documents

Vehicle owners – if moving to a different canton