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Planning application and building permit

When do you need a building permit?

If a building activity, even a provisional one, alters a place, then a permit is generally necessary. Cantonal building legislation stipulates which buildings do not require a permit. If a project is located within the commune's building zone and there is any doubt on how to proceed, the communes' building office will give information on the applicable regulations. If the situation is still unclear, the cantonal building office will give further help.

Publication and inspection of planning applications

When a planning application is submitted, a notice is published in the local press. This notice also gives details of the deadlines for any objections. The planning application and the project documents are also made available for public inspection during the period when any objections may be lodged. An objection can then be raised if the project infringes public or private, interests that require protection, especially those of neighbours.

Building permit - contact and forms