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Tracing biological parents, their children and adopted children

All adopted children have the right to find out the identity of their biological parents after they have turned 18, or earlier if they have a legitimate interest. When a person turns 18, they may also be given details of their biological parents’ other direct offspring if these persons are 18 or over and have given their consent.

If an adopted child is 18 or above, their identity may only be revealed to the biological parents with the child’s express consent; if the adopted child is under 18, both the child and their adoptive parents must give their consent.
Lastly, the other direct offspring of an adopted child’s biological parents may also be given information about the child if the latter is 18 or over and has given their consent.

Before this information is given, the person concerned is notified by the cantonal information service that a request for details has been received and must give their consent before contact is made. the cantonal information service will let the person concerned know that it has received a request for details and that it requires the relevant consent before establishing contact.

If the person concerned refuses to meet the person who has made the request, the authorities will inform the requester, citing the individual privacy rights of the person whom the request concerns.

Who to send your request to

Please contact the cantonal information service

  • in your canton of residence, or
  • in the canton where the adoption procedure took place.