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Applying for a provisional driving licence

If you are nearly 17 you might be thinking about applying for a driving licence. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: First-aid course

You have to attend a first-aid course. The first-aid certificate is valid for six years. You can apply for your provisional licence one month before your 17th birthday at the earliest. Ask your canton’s road traffic office.

Step 2: Application form

Fill out the provisional licence application form (incl. sight test) . You can download it or pick one up at your canton’s road traffic office. Your canton’s residents’ office might also be able to give you the form.

Bring the completed application form (incl. sight test), a valid eye test, a colour passport photo and your Swiss or foreign national ID card to your nearest road traffic office or residents’ registration office. You must produce the original documents, copies are not accepted.

Apply for a provisional driving licence

Step 3: Theory test

Once your application is confirmed you can apply to sit the theory test. It is best to apply online.

In the cantons of Bern, Glarus, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Neuchâtel and Zurich you can also take the theory test in English. Please contact your local road traffic office for further information.

Step 4: Provisional driving licence

Congratulations, you’ve passed your theory test! You will now receive your provisional licence.

How long is the provisional licence valid?

For cars (category B) the provisional licence is valid for 24 months, and for motorcycles (category A) it is valid for 4 months.

What the provisional licence allows you to do

You are allowed to drive under the supervision of someone over 23 years of age who has held a driving licence for at least three years and who has completed their probation period.