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Adoption - who should I contact?

Adoption is a complex and frequently long process. It can take between six months and seven years, depending on whether you wish to adopt in Switzerland or from abroad. It is important to contact the relevant authorities and to ask for help from specialist associations in order to collect all the necessary information and ensure that things are made as simple as possible.

Confederation, cantons and liaison services

A Central Authority of the Confederation is responsible for coordinating matters relating to adoption in Switzerland and represents the country in dealings with foreign adoption authorities.

The cantons provide information on the adoption process, assess potential adoptive parents and take all the necessary decisions relating to the adoption process.

The Confederation may authorise other bodies to liaise between the potential adoptive parents, the authorities and the intermediary organisations abroad. These organisations may also help potential adoptive parents to get together the necessary documentation to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and everything is done in the best interests of the child. However, these liaison services do not have decision-making powers.

Central authority for matters relating to adoption

Cantonal authorities for matters relating to adoption

Recognised adoption liaison services in Switzerland