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What happens with work in the event of an accident?

Employers must take out insurance against occupational accidents for their employees, and also insurance against non-occupational accidents for employees who work at least eight hours a week in the same company.

Reporting an accident to your insurance company

Following an accident – regardless of whether it is an occupational or a non-occupational accident– employees must notify their employer without delay.

The employer must in turn notify the insurance company immediately. The employee subsequently receives a form that must be completely truthfully by the employee or by the treating physician, and then sent without delay to the insurance company.

Continued pay after an accident

In Switzerland, employees are compulsorily insured against the consequences of an accident. From the third day after the accident onwards, they receive a daily allowance amounting to 80% of their wages. It makes no difference whether the accident occurred during or outside of work.

An exception applies to employees who work less than eight hours per week. These employees are only insured for occupational accidents and accidents that occur on the way to work.

If the accident insurance takes effect and the insurance benefits cover at least 80% of the salary, the employer is not required to continue paying the salary. If the insurance benefits amount to less than 80% of the salary, the employer has to pay the shortfall up to 80% of the salary for a certain period. If the accident insurance does not come into effect, the employer has to pay the full salary for a certain period.
There are no clear statutory provisions on how long the salary must still be paid. For this reason, in practice the duration is calculated on the basis of a scale. The courts use tables or the Basel, Zurich and Bern

Consult your employment regulations to find out which rules apply in your company.

Continued pay during sick leave according to the Bern, Basel and Zurich scales

Termination of employment during inability to work

An employer may not terminate the employment of employees on sick leave following an accident.

Medical certificates and work

Employees given sick leave may not work. Otherwise, the insurance company will reclaim the daily allowance and may, depending on the circumstances, press charges.