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Can you work during your retirement?

Once you reach normal retirement age, you may continue to work. You have the option to postpone payment of your AHV pension for up to 5 years, or to work while receiving your pension. The contributions your make after reaching the normal retirement age are solidarity contributions and have no effect on the amount of your AHV benefits.

AHV contributions

If you work during your retirement, you will continue to pay contributions for AHV/IV and EO (insurance for loss of income) from your earnings, but no longer the contributions for unemployment insurance, since once you reach the statutory retirement age, you are no longer entitled to unemployment benefits.

Contributions are levied on the portion of your income that exceeds a deductible (at present: CHF 1,400 a month, or CHF 16,800 a year). If you work for several employers, the deductible applies to each job.

Contributions to an occupational pension scheme

Generally, the second pillar pension is paid when you reach the statutory retirement age. However, pension schemes allow the postponement of payment up to the age of 70. During this time, you normally no longer contribute to the occupational pension scheme, and your retirement savings will no longer increase even if you continue to work. On the other hand, the pension conversion rate does in principle increase, and therefore so does your pension. For more information, contact your pension fund.