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Key points to consider when flying drones

Do you want to fly a drone? No permit is required if the drone weighs less than 30kg, but there are a few rules to follow:

See the guidelines produced by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA):

Key points:

  • You need liability insurance if your drone weighs more than 500g.
  • Some communes and cantons set additional rules, so check your commune’s website.
  • Aerial photography is permitted, but observe the regulations on the protection of military bases and on personal privacy.
  • For drones and aircraft weighing up to 30kg, no permit is required from FOCA as long as the drone remains within sight of its controller at all times and is not flown within 100m of a crowd of people (more than 24 people standing close to each other).

The drone map shows whether authorisation from the local airfield is required.

Drone map showing where authorisation from the local airfield is required