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Returning to Switzerland

You have been abroad for a long time and would like to return to Switzerland. There are quite a few things to think about and arrange.

FDFA guide – Returning to Switzerland

It is worth preparing your return to Switzerland carefully, giving yourself plenty of time. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) publishes a brochure with all the information you may require.

Entering Switzerland – Customs formalities

Before moving, make sure you complete all the administrative formalities where you live, such as informing the local authorities of your departure. When you move back to Switzerland, you can bring in your household effects without paying any customs duty. 

Seeking employment

How can you go about finding work in Switzerland? Perhaps via a temping or employment agency, or on a job search website; under the link below you will find plenty of information to help you. 

If you are looking for work, inform the Services of the Office of Economy and Labour, Canton of Basel-Stadt


Coming back may be difficult. Below you will find information on your entitlement to unemployment benefit or social assistance. 

Unemployment – social assistance