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Travelling abroad with children: what you need to be aware of

Many families take their friends’ children with them on holiday. It is advisable to obtain an authorisation letter from the parents. If you are travelling abroad, you will need to check the entry requirements of the country concerned.

Switzerland has not issued rules on children travelling unaccompanied or with a person who is not a family member. However, the Federal Office of Police recommends that parents should provide their child with a written declaration containing the following information:

  • Parents names, ID numbers (+ a photocopy), home address, and contact number;
  • Name, ID number, home address of accompanying person(s);
  • Child’s name and ID number;
  • Itinerary and travel dates.

Certain communes provide a pre-prepared form. The signatures should be authenticated by the commune of residence or by a notary.

Travelling abroad

Different rules apply for children travelling abroad without their natural parents, or with only one parent. Please contact the embassy of the country concerned for further details. Addresses can be found on the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Travel agencies and airlines can also provide you with information about a country’s entry requirements.

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