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Registering a birth abroad

If you have a baby in another country, the local authorities will not automatically inform the relevant Swiss authorities (with the exception of Germany, Austria and Italy, countries with which Switzerland has signed an agreement).

How to register your child’s birth

  1. Swiss citizens, foreign nationals with close family ties to Switzerland and foreign nationals registered in the electronic civil status register (Infostar) must notify the appropriate Swiss embassy or consulate of the birth of their child for registration in the civil status register. Foreign nationals not registered in Infostar must directly notify the residents’ registration office or the cantonal migration office of the birth.
  2. As a general rule, in order for a birth abroad to be registered in Switzerland, the parents must present the original birth certificate to the appropriate Swiss embassy or consulate in the country where the birth took place.
  3. If the parents are not married and if the father has recognized the child, the parents must present the birth certificate
  4. If one of the parents is not a Swiss national: If one of the parents is not a Swiss national, a copy of the non-Swiss parent’s passport must also be provided to the Swiss embassy or consulate in addition to the child’s birth certificate and the certificate of paternity, along with the documents required for registration in Infostar. The embassy or consulate can provide further details.
  5. The Swiss embassy or consulate receives the documents and checks them before sending them to Switzerland. It informs the parents about the certifications, apostilles or translations they need to provide.
  6. The Swiss embassy or consulate sends the document(s) to the relevant Swiss authority so that the information can be recorded in the Swiss civil register.

Swiss diplomatic/consular missions abroad

Swiss citizenship and birth abroad

A child born abroad to a Swiss parent can lose Swiss citizenship upon reaching the age of 22 if he or she has citizenship of another country. To avoid this, a Swiss authority (in Switzerland or abroad) must be informed or the person must declare in writing that they want to keep their Swiss nationality.