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Insolvency: advice and support

If you are insolvent, there are various places where you can get advice and support.


There are a large number of associations that can provide advice to people who find themselves in debt. Tailor-made solutions include a detailed debt repayment plan, declaration of personal bankruptcy or an amicable private debt settlement. If you want to be sure that the service provided is trustworthy and suitable, you can contact the debt advice umbrella organisation ‘Schuldenberatung Schweiz’.

Dettes Conseils Suisse /Schuldenberatung Schweiz (FR/G)


If the debt advice or financial help you receive does not go far enough, you can ask for a deputy to be appointed. This person has the duty to safeguard your interests, to advise you personally, help you make decisions and find a solution for your situation. The application for a deputyship may also be filed by a person close to you.

There are various different forms of deputyship, from the ‘lite’ form (assistance deputyship) to more the more radical (representative deputyship, advisory deputyship and general deputyship).

Please contact the adult protection authority where you live if you would like more information.