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Incompatibility with a parliamentary mandate

Before submitting your candidacy, find out whether there is anything that might make you incompatible with the role of being a member of parliament. In some cases, the Federal Constitution and the law do not permit a person to hold two different public offices at the same time. These rules also apply to the Swiss abroad.

The Parliament Act sets out the reasons for incompatibility with a parliamentary mandate so as to prevent conflicts of loyalty or interest.
The following persons may not be members of the Federal Assembly (the National Council or the Council of States):

• persons that it has elected or whose appointment it has confirmed;
• members of the armed forces command staff;
• staff of the Federal Administration
• staff of the Parliamentary Services
• staff of the federal courts
• staff of the secretariat of the Supervisory Authority for the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland
• staff of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland
• members of extra-parliamentary commissions with decision-making powers
• judges of the federal courts whom it has not elected.
Incompatibility with a parliamentary mandate in the Federal Constitution
Parliament Act: Art. 14 Incompatibility and Art. 15 Procedure
Incompatibility between the parliamentary mandate and other mandates or roles: Interpretative principles

Further incompatibility

The cantons may define other forms of incompatibility with a parliamentary mandate. These can be found in the document below.  

Candidates standing for election to the National Council: rules and conditions

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