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Collaborative effort

Welcome to www.ch.ch/Elections2019, the official website of the Federal Administration dedicated to the 2019 federal elections.

www.ch.ch/en/Elections20109 was developed jointly by the Federal Chancellery, Parliamentary Services, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and ch.ch. It aims to explain how members of two chambers of the Swiss Parliament (the National Council and the Council of States) are elected and to improve understanding of the election procedure. The information published is intended not only for observers of Swiss political life, but above for all citizens in Switzerland.                    
From the launch of the election campaign to the publication of the results, this portal is designed as a dynamic platform that evolves in three main phases. Firstly, it provides an overview of how Parliament works, of how the elections are organised and of the candidacy requirements in each canton and for each of the two chambers. The website then gives practical information on the correct process for electing candidates to the National Council and Council of States, which could only be compiled with the close cooperation of each of the 26 cantons. Finally, once the polls are closed, the portal will present the results for both chambers, followed by a series of statistics and analyses of the election.                  
Citizens can test their knowledge about parliamentary elections in an ‘election quiz’, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), which will be added to over time, provides answers to any questions they may still have on the topic.    
For the Swiss living abroad, the portal provides specific information both for candidates and for voters, some of which is provided by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.    

Last modification: november 2019